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Bioguard - Coffee Cleaning Powder - 750g Tub

Product Code: BIO008

Brief Description

Bioguard - Coffee Cleaning Powder - 750g Tub
    Perfect For:
  • Backflushing

  • Tannin Removal

  • Destaining

Suitable for use with all traditional coffee machines and commercial equipment

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Bioguard - Coffee Cleaning Powder - 750g Tub

Where to use:

2 in 1 detergent for effective backflushing and tannin removal Back flush traditional espresso machines. Tannin removal on coffee machine components and accessories such as coffee pots, roasted coffee storage bins, coffee roaster parts, coffee brewers.

Key Benefits v Competition

  • Fast acting powder reduces cleaning times & product use

  • Comparative tests with urnex cafiza and puly cafe showed our product cleaned more effectively.

    Tip: live demo with customer or send out sample pot to demonstrate efficacy compared to existing powder.

  • High purity formulation means our powder fully dissolves in solution eliminating risk of powder blockages in machine, number of competitor products leave powder residue when dissolved and can increase chance of machine blockages in inlet valves internally in machine.

  • High level foaming guaranteed all internal pipes and parts make contact with product, ensuring superior cleaning, reduce likelihood of machine breakdown, improve coffee taste.

  • Environmentally friendly, product breakdowns into water carbon dioxide and oxygen.

  • Safe to use product will not damage or degrade machine components

Usage/Dilution rates:

Use daily on all group heads: 3g of powder for back flushing. For detaining use as when required 6g of product per 1 litre of hot water. per 1 litre of hot water

2 in 1 detergent for effective backflushing and tannin removal

Available individually or in a box quantity of 10