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Water Filters at Abbeychart

What is a water filter?

A water filter is component that lowers the contamination in water by using a fine physical barrier by means of a chemical or biological process. A water filter will cleanse the water bu means of irrigation and is used a number of applications such as drinking water, swimming pools, coffee shops.


Abbeychart are working with some of the leading brands in water filtration within the UK. Working with brands such as 3M, Brita, Everpure. Regardless if you are looking for a new cartridge, a replacement cartridge, or just a spare one, we have UK stock, available on a Next Day delivery.

Why use a Water Filter?

If you are serving a beverage of any type to a customer or employees one of the main things people judge that beverage on is taste.

Using a water filter ensures great taste and makes everyone happy.

Check your water

You will hear people talk about hard and soft water. Most commonly people notice difference in water types by how easy it is to achieve a lather with soap, how often the kettle furs up and how nice a cup of tea tastes. This is a simple observation of the way that water changes- it’s often different county to county and sometimes street to street.

While using a water filter will not make everything taste like a bottled water sample, it will improve the quality of the water .

If you are unsure of the water quality in your area, check here.

So why should I use a water filter with my coffee machine / water boiler?

Well you want to turn the raw water meeting basic requirements into treated /purified/filtered water that is ready to bring the very best flavors and characteristics of your tea and coffee products. There is however a huge and often confusing choice so let’s try to debunk the myths and give you enough information to help you choose wisely for your business.

Where will it go?

Space is often a premium and in an ideal world you have plenty of space so identifying where your filter will go may affect some of your options.

Who will fit it?

Do you need an engineer to fit it for you or can you fit it yourself? Will you use copper or speed fit plastic piping to plumb it in. What’s best for you and your skill level and budget?

Where to Buy?

You can buy online at Abbeychart, by either choosing your brand or viewing all filters and following our easy checkout process.

Still Need help?

If you need helping finding the right filter for your application, please do not hesitate in contact us on +44 (0)1367 711900 or email us sales@abbeychart.co.uk. Alternatively, you can check out our Guide to Water Filtration