Brita On How To Flush Your Water Filter – Read Now

Feeling a little flustered with the current COVID-guidelines? We’re here to bring you something a lot less confusing. A simple process from Brita on how to flush your water filter in just a few steps.

With businesses trying their upmost best to adapt to the forever changing ‘new normal’, we’re here to help make sure the process is smooth as possible.

With all the uncertainty of whether we will face another national lockdown or not, it’s best to be prepared for the absolute worst.

If your water filter hasn’t been in use for a while, it can lose its freshness, and taste dull and earthy.  Normal water bacteria which are usually present there can grow, but only up to a certain point and not endlessly. These substances must be rinsed out. This is where the process of flushing water filters come in. Not only does this prolong the life of your equipment, but also provides your customers with fresh tasting beverages. Not to mention saving you money on costly repairs!

With long stagnation time such as the national lockdown, a rinse according to the operating instructions should be sufficient for the filter to continue operating. In order to exclude all possible risks, the filter can be replaced.

We’ve created a simple step by step (see image below):

  • Firstly place a bucket on the floor, next to the filter.
  • Locate the grey flushing hose.
  • Place the hose over or inside the bucket.
  • Switch on the mains before flushing the filter.
  • With the Purity filters, turn black tap clock-wise (a quarter turn). With the Purity C filter, push and hold the button or slide the slider in the direction of the arrow (see image and video below). Position the handles correctly on the Purity C Filters.
  • Flush the required amount of water through the filter:                                            – For the Purity 600 filter 60 litres of water needs to be flushed, For the Purity 1200, 120 litres needs to be flushed                                                                       – For the Purity C50, 20 litres needs to be flushed, 30 litres for the Purity C150, 60 litres for the Purity C300, 100 litres for the Purity C500, and flush 180 litres for the Purity C1100.
  • Do not leave the filter unattended while flushing.
  • Once flushing has completed, turn the flush tap back and secure the hose on the Purity filter. On the Purity C Filter, release the grey button or slide the slider back, and secure the hose.
  • And just like that, your filter is now ready to use.
Brita's step by step on how to flush water filers
Brita’s step by step on how to flush water filters


See the video below, this shows you exactly what to do when it comes to flushing a Brita water filter.

Save money and learn how to flush your Brita water filter systems. To see our Brita water filter range, please click here

Why water filters are so important? And our top favourites!

When it comes to water, most people tend to forget that it’s a key ingredient in most soft drinks and hot beverages. Water filters are an absolute must for the best quality and taste. They have become a key necessity in most hospitality sectors and even most households. Just knowing that filtered water is healthier, cleaner and safer should be enough for you to make that switch today.

The taste between the water directly from the tap and filtered water is pretty huge. Post-mix drinks contain almost 80% water, which is made up with flavoured syrups. That’s a significant amount if it’s unfiltered water. That water may have chlorine and limescale, which can leave you with a bitter taste.

Overtime coffee machines can develop a build-up of scale, excess chlorine and particulates. This can shorten the service life of equipment if not treated properly. Not just that, but the quality of  beverages could also fall short, resulting a loss in business.

With so many different types of water filters on the market we’ve chosen our top few favourites. Some of the water filters we offer have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. Less plastic is always better.

Starting with one of our bestsellers, the 3M Water Filter Cartridge. This offers smaller footprint and uses less plastic during its construction. This popular water filter removes the taste of chlorine, bitter tastes and odours. The built-in Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) reduces media contamination during change-outs.

3M Water Filter Cartridge
3M Water Filter Cartridge – Part number: FLT70020252188

Brita being a well know household name, the Purity C300 Cartridge is another firm favourite. As well as the integrated flush valve making it easy to operate, it also has a rapid-change system, including innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment. This versatile water filter works in coffee, espresso and vending machines. It can also be used in combi steamers and ovens. Available in a wide range of capacities.

Water Filter - FLTPC300 Purity C 300 Cartridge
Brita Purity C300 Cartridge – Part number: FLTPC300

The 3M P165-BN Filter Cartridge is another popular choice as the premium carbon block technology provides consistent Recipe Quality Water™ for coffee, espresso, vending, as well as steamers and combination ovens. The high capacity buffered ion exchange resin reduces calcium and magnesium ions that can cause hard scale build-up on equipment.

3M Water Filter Cartridge - Part number: FLT70020136837
3M Water Filter Cartridge – Part number: FLT70020136837

We also offer the Canister Exchange / Regeneration of Calcium Treatment Units (CTU Prima) which is a specially formulated water treatment for espresso machines and other coffee making equipment. Not only will this make your coffee taste fresher, but also protect coffee equipment from the build-up of limescale.

Water Filter - Canister Exchange / Regeneration of Calcium Treatment Units - Part number: EWCTU10R1.5
Canister Exchange / Regeneration of Calcium Treatment Units – Part number: EWCTU10R1.5

And last but certainly not the least, is the all time favourite eco friendly iXWater filter. The iXWater range have water treatments for most beverage requirements. The Quarter turn release mechanism shuts off the water supply for easy maintenance, so simple installation with no fuss. With these filters not only will you be improving the taste of your beverages, but also saving money and keeping the planet green. Simply replace and return the insert filter, which is then recycled, so no waste!  This particular filter includes a head with 3/8″ BSP.

iX02 Water Filter Complete 3/8" BSP - Part Number: IX02COMPLETE
iX02 Water Filter Complete 3/8″ BSP – Part number: IX02COMPLETE


To find out more and to see more of what we have to offer, click here.

Lockdown life in Germany

Although Germany might have relaxed some of the rules and started taking gradual steps in lifting lockdown, life has not been easy. We’ve been speaking to our Technical Sales Manager Artur Bulgarowski, who lives and works in Germany. He told us how he’s been coping with lockdown life in Germany.

Artur Bulgarowski
Abbeychart’s Technical sales Manager, Artur Bulgarowski explains lockdown life in Germany

Lockdown took place in Germany a short while before us here in the UK. Working from home and staying at home, Artur said: “There is no real cut in-between” as everything has to be done under one roof.

I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t been easy for any of us during this global pandemic, working from home, home-schooling and trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life as much as possible. Artur stated it has been difficult, but believes it’s definitely more challenging for children. ” I understand why we have the restrictions. While for children, it’s much harder. They have to stay at home with not much understanding as to why they can’t see their friends. Parents may be at home, but they don’t have time to play, as they have to work”.

Working from home some days is part of Artur’s job anyway, however he went on to explain, it hasn’t been easy during lockdown. “It was always part of my job, but it’s not easy. You need to focus and motivate yourself more and that’s much harder”.

Of course it’s super important for us to remain positive during a time like this. A time that we’ve never experience before, where we’re all in it together. With more time on our hands, it’s crucial to keeps our minds and bodies active. Artur has been doing exactly that.

“I took some time to learn new skills, I did an online fitness instructor course. I’ve tried doing the one punch man challenge, I’m also in week 2 of doing a 3km run per day. My plan is to look like a super fit Viking by the end of the Corona crisis”.

At a time like this, it’s so easy to become demotivated and anxious. We may all be a social distancing and following government guidelines on staying at home. But there’s never been a better time to come together and support each other in any way possible.

As it stands, Germany have started to slowly lift restrictions, but just like the whole world, it’ll be a while before life returns to normality.

Artur, we look forward to seeing you very soon once this lockdown is officially over. Until then, please stay safe.

Here’s how Abbeychart kept themselves busy this Easter weekend!

I think it’s fair to say this Easter weekend wasn’t what we had planned and hoped for. However, it was definitely important to make the most of what we had. Although we’re under strict instructions to stay home, thankfully we were graced with endless rays of sunshine, which was enough to lift up our spirits and get creative in and around our homes. Abbeychart certainly kept themselves busy this Easter.

From a spot of gardening to a whirl at baking, Abbeychart surely entertained themselves. See the images below to see what we’ve been up to:

Nigel in the process of building a shed
Nigel’s garage gym

Our Sales Director, Nigel Barron has certainly been keeping himself busy in the garden. Currently in the process of building a shed. “I’m trying to build a shed and tidy up the garden, but often end up playing with the children, so the shed is very slowly coming along”.

With work and home life now being within the four walls of your home it can become draining both mentally and physically. Nigel said: “I do have longer evenings. So I’ve started using my own garage ‘gym’. I think the exercise is good for my mental health, but I am getting fitter and my belly is getting smaller, it helps as I’m not buying meal deals and sweet treats five days a week”.

Jo’s been cooking delicious Quiches

Abbeychart’s Credit Controller, Jo Hickling has been cooking up some delicious quiches. Not only that, she’s also  been making her own ice cream and meringues. Scrumptious treats are definitely one way to get through quarantine!

Martins garden
Martin’s freshly groomed garden

Our Managing Director, Martin Butler has also been busy gardening. “Really wanted to master bread making at the weekend, but the severe lack of ingredients in the supermarkets prohibited this, so took to the garden instead. Gardening is great for relaxing and enjoying the wildlife”. The Garden looks great Martin, we’ll assume the bread-making images are pending?

Andrew going for the Quarantine haircut
Andrew also made pizzas in his outdoor pizza oven

With salons and barbers closed, hair maintenance is pretty much out the window for most of us! But not for Internal Sales, Andrew Shirley. He braved the Quarantine haircut by his girlfriend Louise. “I let Louise cut my hair and it actually turned out ok, but there’s a screenshot of when I was praying”. Andrew has also been busy with the gardening and making his very own pizzas! “On the nice days we fired up our pizza oven, so made 10 pizzas, but had to tend to the fire all day, so standing in front of 400 degrees in hot weather wasn’t ideal”.

garden party Linzi
Linzi had her own Garden party for two

As much as it’s the season for large family gatherings for garden and BBQ parties, we’re not allowed. But that didn’t stop our Commercial Director, Linzi Sahota-Moore throwing a garden party for just her and her husband. “Our garden party consisted of me and my husband Ken, we enjoyed a few wines and some lovely music”. Who said lockdown can’t be fun!

sonia's easter cupcakes
Sonia baked some Easter cupcakes for her neighbours

Our Digital Marketeer, Sonia Arranch left some lovely treats on the doorsteps of her nearby neighbours. “I just wanted to do a little something that would bring a smile to someone’s face and just make them forget what is happening in the world, even just for five minutes. And who doesn’t love a bit of cake”.

It’s a difficult time for us all, Easter is a time where we come together during family gatherings, and also a time where we may have had holidays booked abroad. The one thing to remember from all of this is that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. And we will get through it. But until then, make the most of what you’ve got, Stay home and save lives.

How to make working from home as ‘normal’ as possible

Now I know it may seem like we’ve all been grounded by Boris Johnson, but it’s super important for us to stick together and remain positive during this accelerating pandemic. Many of us are now adapting to working from home which can be challenging for a lot of us. So how to make working from home as ‘normal’ as possible?

Kirsty's working from home
Doing our best adapting to working from home

All office-based staff at Abbeychart are currently working from home, we may all be separated during this unprecedented time but we’re doing everything we can to balance work/home life all under the same roof!

Here’s our guide on how we’re keeping it together:

Wake up at your usual time: It’s super important to remain in the same routine as you would if you were going to the office. Once you start waking up a little later than usual, it’s slippery slope from there. Waking up early will give you more time on your side, perhaps you could do a home workout or go out for a walk before sitting in front of your computer for the day.

Our Commercial Director, Linzi Sahota-Moore is very much in routine: “I do still treat it as a normal day, I still get up at the crack of dawn, exercise, shower, dress albeit more casual”.

Linzi's working from home pic
Our Commercial Director, Linzi Sahota-Moore’s working space at home

Get out of your PJs: The clothes you wear can be a real reflection on the way it makes you feel. Staying in your PJs and dressing gown could immediately make you feel sluggish and tired. This doesn’t mean to say you have to wear your best suit to just sit at home. But simply changing out of your pyjamas can uplift your mood and prepare you for the working day.

It’s nice to see our Internal Sales, Andrew Shirley still making an effort: “You will be glad to hear I have been showering daily and just about putting some clothes on, but haven’t been styling my hair as per the picture”.

Andrew's working from home
Internal Sales, Andrew adapting to working from home with his dog, Buddy

Create a workspace: You may be lucky enough to have an office, but for those of you who don’t, you don’t need a massive room. A corner or a little bit of space in a room in your house will be enough. Create your own little workspace, whether that’s in your dining room, kitchen or living room. Where possible try to replicate a similar set up to what you have in the office, something that you will adapt to fairly quickly.

Working from home life
Digital Marketeer, Sonia has tried to have a similar set up as the office

Communicate, communicate, communicate: You may miss the times where you could simply nudge your colleague that you sat next to for a quick chat. Self-isolation does not mean to say we have to stop talking to each other. If anything, we should be talking more. Today’s technology has allowed to us to communicate no matter where we are. Frequent video calls, instant messaging and phone calls can bring an element of office atmosphere, making you feel less lonely. Although you may have a few interruptions than usual. Just like our Managing Director, Martin Butler:

“Normal routine for me, although video conferencing is somewhat of a novelty when my cat decides to sit on the keyboard during the conference! Tried to get a picture but he moved too quickly!”

Take a break: It’s so easy to tap away at your keyboard and let the hours go by. It’s very important to step away and take regular breaks. Following Government guidelines we’re allowed to step outside for an hours walk, jog or cycle for fresh air. Of course if you’re juggling kids in all the mix too, it’s important to have that balance. Just like our Internal Sales, Vicky Bellinger:

” Just treat it like a normal day, but in the mix I have to dress dolls, fix stables and build a bit of Lego. A mute button would be handy for the little dude as well.”

It’s a difficult time for us all, but we can only get through this with each others support. Whether that’s a bit of light-hearted humour, a chat to keep each other positive or a to-do list to keep your mind occupied. Sales Director Nigel Barron is certainly trying to do as ‘normal’ as possible (minus the novelty socks). He said: “I’m quite lucky as I have an office space that’s detached from the house and  two crazy children. So business as close to normal as possible.


Nigel's working from home office space
Nigel’s working from office space
Nigel's novelty socks
Sales Director, Nigel shows off his comfy socks

To-do list: It’s a useful tool to keep yourself busy. Write a to-do list at the beginning of the day, with all the important stuff you need to get done. Ticking it all off by the end of your working day. This will surely give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that you have achieved something today. It will keep you productive throughout the day as well.

A to-do list can help you keep busy and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day

It’s imperative for all of us to look for a positive at such worrying and uncertain times. Abbeychart are doing everything they can by taking all precautions and safety measures as stated by the Government. We’re working from home to stay open for you. So please, if you have any concerns about existing or future orders, then give us call. Our Internal Sales team will be more than happy to hear your voice and help you with your queries. Our contact details are the same: +44 (0)1367 711900.

But most importantly, do your bit, STAY AT HOME.

Please stay in touch with us, and for all our further updates, follow/like us: on :




Stay safe!

What Does Hard Water Look Like And How To Prevent Drinking It

How much do you think about the water you drink? Have you ever thought about how hard or soft your water is? It may not seem like an important element when mixing with other substances. However, did you know it’s the key ingredient when making up your coffee, post mix drinks and of course ice.

3M Logo -
March’s ‘Brand of the month’

With 3M as March’s ‘Brand of the month,’ we are going to look at what hard water actually is and how we can prevent ourselves from drinking it.

Now you maybe lucky enough to live in an area where there’s softer water. But for those who live in areas where there’s hard water, you may recognise the images below and may see it around your home or workplace a little too often. Overtime this can cause serious issues with your appliances such as water coolers and vending machines which as a result can involve hefty maintenance costs.

Water is used pretty much everywhere we go: in pubs, restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops, the list goes on…

limescale on kettle - blog
Kettle with signs of hard water and limescale
limescale on tap blog
Overtime taps can get clogged up with limescale if not cleaned regularly
Limescale on plastic water tank from coffee machine

So you may question, is the water straight from the mains safe to drink? Well, it isn’t necessarily overly harmful, but there are ways you can prevent this. Water directly from the mains tap may have elements of the following:

  •  Chlorine & Chloramines
  •  Chemical content
  •  Mineral content (limescale)
  •  Bacteria & Sediment

In the food and drinks industry water plays a huge part in providing day to day services. Chloramines can have a massive impact on the quality of the product in both hot and cold beverages, as well as the equipment. Chloramines can damage O-rings, seals and gaskets. The most common found problems are:

  • Fouled heating elements
  • Blocked valves
  • Cloudy drinks
  • Off taste/bitterness

Issues with the colour, taste & odour can be managed by using special carbon filters. The activated carbon removes chlorine taste and odour and organic chemicals.  There are various filters available for all your hot and cold water application. Why not check out 3M’s range here!

3M Brand of the month email footer

3M offer a range of water filters for hot, cold, ice and post mix applications. The biggest advantage and 3M’s unique selling point is their SQC feature. Sanitary quick change allows you to change the filter quickly and very easily by simply turning it 45 degrees, so a quarter turn which simply clicks out and can be replaced with a new one, with no flushing required.


Here’s How Abbeychart Recycle Their Stamps

It can often become difficult for businesses to take time aside and plan to do something for charity. Recently, Abbeychart donated a huge amount of used stamps that had accumulated overtime and sent them to a charity called ‘Against Breast Cancer’. It was an easy and effortless process, and one which was highly appreciated by the charity itself.

Doing your little bit for charity can be as easy as just recycling things you use on a daily basis. Besides recycled stamps, this particular charity also take old printer cartridges, mobile phones and even bras.

against breast cancer
‘Against breast cancer’ take recycled items for vital funds

For businesses it’s an easy way to do an act of kindness which can have a positive impact on someone’s life. For charities like ‘Against breast cancer’, every penny raised is absolutely vital. Something as little as £5 buys you 10 pairs of sterile laboratory gloves, 100ml of cell culture liquid or other vital laboratory consumables required for breast cancer research.

£50 pays for the assessment of the properties of an anti-breast cancer antibody, to help scientists determine if it could be useful in new treatments or to help vaccine design.

It’s so simple to just cut out the stamps from the daily post you receive. After a few months just pop them in an envelope and they’re good to go.

recycled stamps
Abbeychart Donates Used Stamps to Against Breast Cancer

Abbeychart’s Credit Control, Jo Hickling said: “Collecting stamps is such an easy way to donate to charity. I tend to collect them for a good few months until I have bulk. I then simply look online to see which charities take them. Last year we did Help for heroes, so this year we went for a breast cancer charity.”

Abbeychart have been doing this for some time now, stamps are collected and then sent to a chosen charity. Every little bit helps, and it’s a lot better than just putting them straight into the bin.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

With the hustle and bustle of work and life we can easily forget the detrimental affect it can have on our beverage machines. Depending on how frequently you use it, coffee machines can very easily become clogged up with excess build up and residual stains. We cannot stress enough about the importance of cleaning your coffee machine regularly.

As Bioguard is our brand of the month, it seems fitting to take you through the range of important products we have, to make sure you’re taking care of your coffee appliances and keeping them in tip top condition.

Bioguard - Abbeychart's Brand Of The Month
Bioguard – Abbeychart’s Brand Of The Month

Lawrence Dight, Field Sales Engineer for Abbeychart could not recommend Bioguard enough. “Bioguard coffee cleaning products have been developed alongside leading household names like Costa. If the machine isn’t cleaned, the long and short of it all is that it will fail. The coffee will taste weak because the micro holes in the filter plate will get blocked up.”


Bioguard offer a wide range of cleaning, hygienic and infection control products within the coffee sector. So for all your descaling, detannin and cleaning needs we’re here to help.

If we’re talking about Abbeychart’s favourite then it has to be the Vendshield cleaning liquid. It’s one our most powerful solutions for coffee machines. With it being a 4 in 1 formula it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products. This product distains, sanitises, cleans and lightly descales.


Bioguard Vendshield

Lawrence Dight also said: “I like the Vendshield cleaning liquid because it won’t block any valves on a coffee machine when doing the back flushing.”

The Milkline Cleaner is another one of our popular choices, a solution that deep cleans automatic coffee machines. This is an acid formula to clean milkstone deposits and sanitise milk lines. This product should be used as part of the automatic cleaning cycle and should only be used if the cleaning cycle flushes the milk from the milk line first. PLEASE NOTE: if the machine does not flush/rinse out the fresh milk first, this formula will curdle the milk so another recommendation would be the alkali based cleaning solution (BIO011).

Bioguard Milkline Cleaner – Clear

Another highly recommended product is Bioguard’s Coffee Tablets. A 3 in 1 detergent for bean to cup brewer units, use for espresso backflush, distaining and sanitising components and accessories on coffee machines. The high purity formula means the tablet fully dissolves, reducing machine breakdowns and service costs. The product is non-corrosive, which means it will not damage or degrade critical parts of the machine. And you’ll also be pleased to know that it’s eco friendly!

BIO024 (2)
Bioguard Coffee Cleaning Tablets

There’s nothing worse than having a cup of coffee that is tasteless and stale. A regular cleaning routine means not only do you prolong machine life and save maintenance costs, but your coffee is also of a high standard.

Please click here to view our Bioguard range, and don’t miss out on Bioguard’s brand of the month offers. Ends 29th Feb 2020.

Abbeychart welcomes Harry as our new Sales Engineer

Abbeychart welcomes Harry Lovegrove as our new Sales Engineer. We’re so excited for him to be joining us, he will be covering the South West and the West Midlands area.

He was appointed last week where his training commenced and he had the opportunity to meet all the staff and get a feel for the company itself. “I want to become a trustworthy and reliable field sales engineer within the company. Every member of staff I have met has been incredibly supportive during my first few weeks and I wish to pass this on, exceed my targets and help develop the profession of Abbeychart.”

Abbeychart welcomes Harry Lovegrove as our new Sales Engineer

Harry will be out and about helping with all your queries regarding liquid dispense components. In need of new part? from valves to filters we have you covered. “I’m most excited about making the next big step in my career in sales, analysing a new market and becoming part of a successful company.”

Harry is just as excited as we are, he can wait to meet you all! “I’m a friendly little hobbit from Somerset, I enjoy meeting new people and thrive on supporting their businesses. Outside of work I love to climb mountains and intend on progressing my sills so that I can one day reach some of the highest summits throughout the globe.”

But don’t forget we don’t just sell components. We cover your refurbishments needs too! Such as on rotary vane pumps and bar guns etc. We also provide kitting services and much more. Ask us today!

You can connect with Harry here.

John Guest – Abbeychart’s Brand Of The Month

At Abbeychart we’re kick starting the new year with brand of the month, with the first one being John Guest. John Guest has been a trustworthy and reliable brand with Abbeychart. So much so, we’ve been selling the brand for almost 30 years!

Abbeychart has launched brand of the month, January's brand being John Guest
Abbeychart’s Brand of the month – John Guest

John Guest was established back in the 1960s, this is when the first gates to the factory opened. Since then they’ve provided nothing but the best quality products and the best quality service. After all these years, the continuous UK manufacturing and the commitment to quality still carries on.

John Guest fittings are used in all types of industries all over the world including plumbing and heating, drinks dispense and telecommunications etc. The company’s commitment to quality was recognised when they received the British Standard Kitemark Award for plumbing, fittings and pipe. Abbeychart sold around 602 different products and over a whopping 2 million John Guest products in 2019.

The commitment to product development was recognised when they received the Queen’s Award for innovation, recognising the development of twist and lock plumbing fittings and pipe.

PPSV Shut-Off Valve SpxMale NPTF
John Guest Product – Shut-off Valve

Our Sales Director, Nigel Barron explained how the brand provides peace of mind. “It’s very well known on the market, incredibly reliable and the best in terms of quality! I’ve been in the business for 13 years now and I struggle to think of any problems we’ve had with John Guest”.

John Guest is well know for its outside the box and innovative designs. In 2012 JG Speedfit launched layflat polybutylene barrier pipe which offered greater flexibility making the Speedfit system even more easy to handle and worry free.

Check & Service Valves
John Guest Product – Check & Service Valves

Our Commercial Director, Linzi Sahota-Moore said, “John Guest products are a cost effective way to get water to the machine whatever the application. They offer a range of products, it’s made in Britain and it’s excellent quality”.


View our full John Guest range here.