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Brita Water Filters available at Abbeychart

When it comes to water filtration, one of the leading brands in the UK is Brita. Used in a number of different applications including espresso machines, vending machines and water boilers.

Where is a filter used?

Primarily used in the domestic market for water filter jugs and tap water applications. There is also a professional water filter cartridge range available.

Abbeychart offer the cartridges for filtration systems, ranging from drinking water to coffee, the end goal is always the same - Great tasting water, and with the Brita technology removing any bad tastes or odours its easily done.

Why Use a Brita Filter?

Brita filters are known to improve the water quality, meaning that whatever your filtration end product is, its arrives at a high quality with great taste.

The Brita technology helps reduce lime scale deposits along with other features and is used in numerous professional applications. The limescale reducing technology results in fewer machine breakdowns and therefore reduces service costs on your machines.

Need Help Choosing?

Our professional technical team will help identify the correct Brita filter for your application or feel free to check out the Brita website.

How to buy?

If you know the filter you want you can purchase online, using our website, alternatively you can call our sales team on +44 (0)1367 711900 or email us at

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